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Changing Stations

Continuing with the idea that some places go out of their way to not accommodate children, I want to talk about diaper changing stations. I do not, nor do I think the majority of parents would, expect that all or even most public places offer a “family” bathroom. However, I do think it is perfectly […]

5 Reasons One Parent Should Stay at Home | Work + Money – Yahoo! Shine

5 Reasons One Parent Should Stay at Home | Work + Money – Yahoo! Shine. Their day care figure seems low to me, we saved $8000 per year with me staying home.

The Guide to Caring for Girls’ Hair

The Guide to Caring for Girls’ Hair. A follow up to my last post, this looks like a promising site, and he hits the Dad POV right on the head.  (That is an unintentionally bad pun)

Learning to do “Girlie” things

Are there any resources to learn simple “girlie” tasks? My daughter wants me to: paint her nails, give her a pony tail, puts bows/ribbons in her hair, etc. Now most of these are not rocket science, but they are things that my wife can do like second nature. When I am confronted with these requests […]

Family Friendly Restaurants

Some places are not for kids (steel mills, gun ranges, and the entire state of California). This list can include some restaurants, but mort places make an attempt to at least accommodate children. Kid’s menus and high chairs are pretty standard in most eating establishments. This is great because it allows parents to go out […]

Pittsburgh Stay at Home Dads (Pittsburgh, PA) – Meetup

Pittsburgh Stay at Home Dads (Pittsburgh, PA) – Meetup. I wanted to give this a plug, it is a SAHD group I belong to.  It is a great opportunity and resource.  If you choose to be a SAHD you know you are looking for chances to get the kids out of the house and interacting […]

Welcome to My World

This space is going to be an outlet for my random comments and obeservations as a full time stay at home dad. If I go somewhere, I am going to talk about how it was, as a dad. If I buy something, I will talk about its use, as a dad. If I find things […]