Family Friendly Restaurants

Some places are not for kids (steel mills, gun ranges, and the entire state of California). This list can include some restaurants, but mort places make an attempt to at least accommodate children. Kid’s menus and high chairs are pretty standard in most eating establishments. This is great because it allows parents to go out to eat and not have to get a sitter and leave the kids behind.

As a parent I have come to judge the places I do and will eat based on how well they accommodate my daughter’s presence. A good kid’s menu will have me coming back (props to Chick-fil-A). The converse is also true, a poor children’s menu will keep me from returning. To define what a poor menu is: few options, no healthy options, portions not kid sized. This happened today.

We went to 5 Guys. I had never been there, but my wife is a big fan and I had heard good things. There were nice looking red high chairs right by the door, so I thought it was promising for a kid friendly place. This notion was quickly erased at the counter. They had no kids menu. Let that sink in, NO KIDS MENU. We were told they had grilled cheese and hot dogs, that those were “kid friendly”. Suffice to say, two pretty unhealthy adult sized options are not what I am looking for in a kids menu.

Next time we will definitely be skipping 5 Guys and going to Steak and Shake, much better kids menu, and they even have paper hats that my daughter loves to wear.


2 comments on “Family Friendly Restaurants

  1. We’ve heard awesome things about Bites – the new restaurant on Lincoln in Bellevue. We got bundled up one Saturday evening and headed out to try it. We got there and the waitress informed us that they didn’t have any high chairs! What!? Dinner in a restaurant trying to keep a child in a regular chair while not injuring herself or running around like a wild animal is not exactly a nice dinner out for Mum and Dad. We left and walked down the street to another place.

  2. That is good to know, they won’t be getting our business.

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