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Changing Stations

Continuing with the idea that some places go out of their way to not accommodate children, I want to talk about diaper changing stations.

I do not, nor do I think the majority of parents would, expect that all or even most public places offer a “family” bathroom. However, I do think it is perfectly reasonable to expect all public places to have a diaper changing station in the bathrooms they do have. Is it so burdensome to buy a Koala Care station for less than $200 and have it installed in one of the stalls in each bathroom? It is inevitable that kids will go to the bathroom and need changed. If your business is open to the public you should have to provide for this.

This does raise the specter of mom-bias again though. I was in an establishment and needed to change my daughter, went to the bathroom and found no changing station. I made a comment to an employee and was told, “Oh, we have one in the women’s room.” So they had one, but I was not able to access or use it. I did find that on a later visit, a changing station had been added to a unisex bathroom that I could use. Yay for them for making that change!


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