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Nurse Maid’s Elbow

While at a SAHD group last night the topic of Nurse Maid’s Elbow came up. It is a fairly common injury for kids (2 of the 5 dad’s had kids with it). This is not meant to replace calling/seeing a doctor, but the information can help relieve anxiety or worry.
In both cases I heard about last night, the injury occurred from rough housing (swinging the child, squirmy child trying to get away). Also in both cases the dad thought that the arm had broken. As anyone who has a kid knows there is nothing worse than seeing a young child hurt, they cannot tell you what is really wrong or in some cases what happened. With this type of injury the child will stop using the arm, sometimes they will be in pain often times not. The “fix” is very simple movement of the arm to correct the positioning in the elbow. I am sure there are a hundred other examples of this type of injury that can come from rough housing, and they are probably more likely to occur when rough housing with Dad. Try to educate yourself, and share that information with others.


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