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Important Milestones for Dad

There are some milestones in a child’s life that everyone celebrates. First steps, first word, birthdays, haircut, the list goes on as the child ages. These are nearly universally marked as special occasions by all parents. Then there are milestones that are more important for one parent. Mom probably does not think the first round […]

Quick Rant About Mall Play Areas

Let me start by saying I love mall play areas. When I was young playing at the mall meant riding on a mechanical horse for fifteen secs, and a fairy tale from a giant gold painted castle (this part was pretty cool). Today there are slides, rubber carpet, free books. It is a great place […]

A Man’s Diaper Bag

A Man’s Diaper Bag

Most diaper bags scream mom. They tend to the pinks and light purples, and more closely resemble an overgrown purse than anything else. One of my first actions as a SAHD was to find a bag that was fit for a man. There are many options for diaper bags, some small handheld jobs, some that […]

Stay-at-home dads on the rise – Yahoo! Finance

Stay-at-home dads on the rise – Yahoo! Finance. There are couple of things that really jump out at me in this article. One is the fact that the dad being interviewed felt compelled to state that it is not only the economy that makes dads do this.  I think one of the biggest myths/misconceptions I […]