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Stay-at-home dads on the rise – Yahoo! Finance

Stay-at-home dads on the rise – Yahoo! Finance.

There are couple of things that really jump out at me in this article.

One is the fact that the dad being interviewed felt compelled to state that it is not only the economy that makes dads do this.  I think one of the biggest myths/misconceptions I encounter as a stay at home dad is that I “had” to do this.  In no way was becoming a SAHD forced on me.  Sure it is nice to save money on day care, especially with a second kid/potential tuition on the way, but this is about the kids not me.

The second item that jumped out at me is the number of SAHDs out there.  20% is a good piece of the pie, but is it 20% of stay at home parents, or 20% of households with kids?  20% of households with kids would be a much larger number.  Either way, I am still waiting to see more acceptance/ less surprise as being a SAHD.


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