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Important Milestones for Dad

“Take me out to the ball game…”

There are some milestones in a child’s life that everyone celebrates. First steps, first word, birthdays, haircut, the list goes on as the child ages. These are nearly universally marked as special occasions by all parents. Then there are milestones that are more important for one parent. Mom probably does not think the first round of catch is as important as dad does. Likewise dad’s only concern with a prom dress is that it stays on all night.

Some milestones are important for both parents but are viewed quite different depending on the child experiencing the event. The best example of this is the first date. A boy’s first date will go virtually unnoticed by dad, but will be chronicled like a royal wedding by mom. When a girl’s first date comes around mom might still be getting out the camera, while dad is cleaning his shotgun.

Thinking back to my own childhood, I anticipate many milestones that my wife will avoid like the plague. The first camping trip will be one that will probably be shared with the whole family, but much like the first date, it is heavily weighted towards one parent.

First sporting events tend to be important for one parent, based on their own fandom. The first baseball game was a good example of this. After while recalling the event for grandparents my wife focused on how cute my daughter was in her little Pirates jersey, how much she liked walking around, and how well behaved she was. I, on the other hand, talked about actually watching the game with her, explaining not to clap for the Reds, and what the white lines meant.

I do not think we can qualify one point of view as inherently better, but I do think that I created a more meaningful memory for myself. Just as I will not remember shopping for the first day of school shoes, I am willing to bet my wife will not remember where we sat for the first ball game. She will remember that the Pirates lost, but that is a gimme.


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