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Hiatus, and playing Zone defense.

I took a break from blogging for a while after our second daughter was born, but I am going to get back at it.  The transition from being a stay a home dad with one kid to two kids was a big one.  Not only did I go from playing man defense to zone, but one of them was an infant. 

I used to be able to have a really engaged active day with my older daughter, and suddenly I had to get her engaged, and then spend time making sure the younger one wasn’t swallowing her toys, falling, etc.  We also had a good bit of jealousy directed at the new arrival, so I had to actively prevent injury from pushes, smacks and biting.  Needless to say it got to be a bit much. 

The weather is breaking now so that gives a lot more options as to how to fill a day.  In the winter (with the baby) options were very limited.  We couldn’t go outside and play unless someone was here to watch the baby inside, so most winter activities were out of the question during the week.  We did into crafts so that was a good alternative, but man is it scary to see a 3 year old with scissors.  Active play was limited to the mall (not all play areas are created equal) and once a week story time at the library (not really active, but social).

With the changing seasons now the zoo is back on the itinerary, as are simple trips to the park.  A new found interest in mummies and space help to make the natural history museum and science center good choices too.  Of course, any trip now involves two kids, but that can be discussed in another post.


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