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What Am I Doing Here?

That is the same question I asked myself that first morning I woke up and my drive to the office consisted of walking down the hall to a nursery.

I have been a full-time Stay At Home Dad (SAHD) for almost a year, and in that time I have really come to see that the world has not yet fully accepted this role.  From Parenting magazines that include makeup and fashion tips, to being isolated like a contagion at public play areas, the SAHD is a bit of an enigma.  I luckily did not really care what people thought, but when I see mothers shooing their kids away from my daughter because I am standing near her, it becomes an issue.

There are two types of SAHD, those who choose to be and those who have to be.  Whether you lost your job, never had a job, are going to school, or decided to change careers does not matter.  It is how you approach your role as a SAHD that determines which type you are.  Kids are a lot of work, but they should not feel like a burden.  Being a SAHD is not a mistake, and it should not have a social stigma attached to it.  You are not just a free day care center, you are your children’s Dad, there is nothing more important in the world.  If you get dirty looks at the mall, or a friend or relative is making comments, it is their problem.  You need to make the most of your time with your kids, be too busy with that to worry about opinions.


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