Timmy Tinpot

About a year ago, my family was stuck in traffic and my daughter asked me to tell her a story because she was bored.  What resulted was a story that she asked for over and over.  To make sure I could remember it, I wrote it down.  Over the next few days she continued to […]

Seeking Contributors

Wanted: Full-time stay at home dads, part-time stay at home dads, single dads, step-dads, adoptive dads, etc. to contribute to a blog about being a dad. Anyone who is in a unique situation, who is willing to share their perspective and outlook is welcome. If you are interested, or know someone who might be, please […]

The Road Trip, How to Survive with Kids

Traveling with children presents all kinds of problems and opportunities.  In general, I hate flying, adding children makes it even more of a headache. The alternative is, of course, the road trip. I personally love road trips. I do not mind the long hours driving, I like to see the country and when I do […]

Hiatus, and playing Zone defense.

I took a break from blogging for a while after our second daughter was born, but I am going to get back at it.  The transition from being a stay a home dad with one kid to two kids was a big one.  Not only did I go from playing man defense to zone, but […]

Important Milestones for Dad

There are some milestones in a child’s life that everyone celebrates. First steps, first word, birthdays, haircut, the list goes on as the child ages. These are nearly universally marked as special occasions by all parents. Then there are milestones that are more important for one parent. Mom probably does not think the first round […]

Quick Rant About Mall Play Areas

Let me start by saying I love mall play areas. When I was young playing at the mall meant riding on a mechanical horse for fifteen secs, and a fairy tale from a giant gold painted castle (this part was pretty cool). Today there are slides, rubber carpet, free books. It is a great place […]

A Man’s Diaper Bag

A Man’s Diaper Bag

Most diaper bags scream mom. They tend to the pinks and light purples, and more closely resemble an overgrown purse than anything else. One of my first actions as a SAHD was to find a bag that was fit for a man. There are many options for diaper bags, some small handheld jobs, some that […]