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Stay-at-home dads on the rise – Yahoo! Finance

Stay-at-home dads on the rise – Yahoo! Finance.

There are couple of things that really jump out at me in this article.

One is the fact that the dad being interviewed felt compelled to state that it is not only the economy that makes dads do this.  I think one of the biggest myths/misconceptions I encounter as a stay at home dad is that I “had” to do this.  In no way was becoming a SAHD forced on me.  Sure it is nice to save money on day care, especially with a second kid/potential tuition on the way, but this is about the kids not me.

The second item that jumped out at me is the number of SAHDs out there.  20% is a good piece of the pie, but is it 20% of stay at home parents, or 20% of households with kids?  20% of households with kids would be a much larger number.  Either way, I am still waiting to see more acceptance/ less surprise as being a SAHD.

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Photo Essay: The Straight Razor Shave | The Art of Manliness

Photo Essay: The Straight Razor Shave | The Art of Manliness.

As a stay at home dad, you accept that you are centering your life around your kids.  You give up your free time, your sleep, your own TV viewing choices, but that is part of the deal, and more than likely you are happy to do it.

That does not mean that you have to give up all of your “me” time.  One great way to reclaim some time for yourself, and decrease your “Mr. Mom” profile is to get a straight razor shave.

I received a straight razor for Christmas from my in-laws, and no it wasn’t a subtle hint to get lost.  The first time I shaved with it I was certain that I would cut my throat open and end up like a drug runner who had crossed his Colombian masters.  I even made my wife come sit in the bathroom with her cell phone to call 911 when the inevitable bloodletting began.

Turns out, neither she nor the paramedics were needed.  You would really have to try to give yourself a serious cut with one of these.  Nicks you get until you are good at your technique, but loss of life is not imminent.

It will be the best shave you have ever had, 5 o’clock shadow will be a thing of the past, and you will walk around all day feeling like Clint Eastwood in a spaghetti western.

If you are not up for giving yourself a straight shave, go find a barber who does them.  Either way, it will create a time when you can “pamper” yourself, have alone time, and reconnect with the “dad” part of stay at home dad.

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More Assumptions about Dads

Business Videos – Yahoo! News.


Who at Huggies did not think that this might be a bad idea?  Even if you are not a stay at home dad, you probably have changed enough diapers to not be a danger to your kid.

This is so demeaning, and yet no one raised any issues with it until the Dad’s complained.  Can you imagine it this had been a race based campaign?

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To be or Not to be an @ Home dad

To be or Not to be an @ Home dad.

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Super Bowl

Watching the big game with the fam. The little one paid too much attention to the half time show though. Where do you draw the line between the kid having fun and imitating Madonna’s dance moves?

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Nurse Maid’s Elbow

While at a SAHD group last night the topic of Nurse Maid’s Elbow came up. It is a fairly common injury for kids (2 of the 5 dad’s had kids with it). This is not meant to replace calling/seeing a doctor, but the information can help relieve anxiety or worry.
In both cases I heard about last night, the injury occurred from rough housing (swinging the child, squirmy child trying to get away). Also in both cases the dad thought that the arm had broken. As anyone who has a kid knows there is nothing worse than seeing a young child hurt, they cannot tell you what is really wrong or in some cases what happened. With this type of injury the child will stop using the arm, sometimes they will be in pain often times not. The “fix” is very simple movement of the arm to correct the positioning in the elbow. I am sure there are a hundred other examples of this type of injury that can come from rough housing, and they are probably more likely to occur when rough housing with Dad. Try to educate yourself, and share that information with others.